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* A video that inspires

I can’t believe how many times I’ve watched this video since I first caught it on YouTube. It’s become almost a daily mantra – certainly something that has helped me to stay focused and to persevere when I was doubting myself and losing energy and enthusiasm.  Watch it and decide for yourself if it might help you achieve your dreams.


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Stern of HMS Victory, Portsmouth, England

Everyone has different notions of what is success for them – money, more “stuff”, skills, status or contribution, etc. – and I don’t dispute the importance of any of them.  What interests me, and maybe you too, is figuring out, firstly what constitutes success to me personally. And secondly, how to achieve it.
I suggest the line separating success from failure is a lot thinner than we sometimes like to admit or even recognize. In fact, I think we often live hop-scotching, dancing, zig-zagging backwards and forwards across the line.  Sometimes we may experience failure as a bleak, lonely, isolated place from which we will never escape; a form of despondence that saps all our energies and resolution. And with success can come a sweet sense of invulnerability, a sense of standing proud on the mountain top, separate from all other endeavours. After four months of intense sailing training in the English Channel and Solent in winter time, and a final 25-hour practical exam, my own experience is that personal failure and success walk very closely together. (more…)

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In response to the article Achieving Personal Success, Michael Litzkow sent me this welcome caveat: “The story is inspiring, and your description of the “Triangle of Fire” is very helpful.  However, I would like to suggest one additional consideration which comes out of my own experience at setting and achieving goals. (more…)

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