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If you’ve every dreamed of a quieter, simpler life – then this short story is for you.  Though it’s a favourite among cruising sailors (for obvious reasons when you read it), Martyr’s story is really about the yearning all of us feel from time to time to be FREE. (more…)


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Lotus In Two Palms
A Story of Possession, Jealousy and Letting go

One day, a lotus blossom came to rest in the comfort of two hands. The fragrance of the blossom was sweet and delighted the nose. The petals were beautiful and greatly pleased the eyes. The flower was light and weighed nothing for the hands to support.

But thinking was troubled and he asked himself, “How can I know where the lotus blossom came from? And who sent this flower to us? And why has he come here? Is he a gift of God to the hands or a gift to the nose or a gift to the eyes?” These questions vexed thinking greatly. “What will happen when the wind blows?” and he worried greatly how best to safeguard lotus blossom. Suddenly he had an idea. “Close your hands! Guard the flower!” he cried aloud, wanting to protect the joy of the hands, and the nose, and the eyes and of course himself. (more…)

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This in an extract from a novel I’m still writing. The first draft was completed some years ago. I’ve been mulling ever since how best to fix its structural faults and waiting for the opportunity to rewrite the story.

Mr. Sütterlin’s Ambition
“Do you know why I make books?” Mr. Sütterlin spoke slowly, in a dense voice still struggling with the English words.

“When I was a boy, my father took me into the streets one night. My mother didn’t want me to go. I suppose she was afraid. He wouldn’t say where we were going but he gripped my hand and pulled me on and I went with him half afraid and half curious. I’d never been out so late at night before and the streets were full of people. (more…)

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