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We all have different ways of working and the first challenge is to find what works best for us as individuals. Yet we can always learn from the experiences of others.

Last spring, before sailing from Toronto to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, I spent more than teo months busoly refitting my sailboat “Kuan Yin”. I won’t bore you with details of the rewiring, replumbing, sea chest, new chain locker, lots of paintings etc. but I will share 10 tactics I’m learning about project management: (more…)


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Dinghy sailing at sunset in Toronto on Lake Ontario. Dinghies are much less forgiving than sailboats with a keel. a moment'as inattention; one puff of wind, over she goes and you're in the water.

My thanks to sailing buddy Arash for sending me this photo of myself and fellow student Len dinghy sailing in the Toronto Outer Harbour in July.  All of us were members of a White Sails III class (Canadian Yachting Association) taught by Anderson, Alex and Oliver at the fun and very sociable Westwood Sailing Club in downtown Toronto.

With “Kuan Yin” out of the water this summer for refitting, I decided this would be a good opportunity to learn to sail a dinghy.  And I’ve learned a lot! (more…)

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