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If you’ve every dreamed of a quieter, simpler life – then this short story is for you.  Though it’s a favourite among cruising sailors (for obvious reasons when you read it), Martyr’s story is really about the yearning all of us feel from time to time to be FREE. (more…)


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The other day a friend amazed me by his casual statement that he was “killing time”. I know what he meant but I was appalled.  As someone who would happily have an extra 12 hours in every day, I find it hard to understand how time can become such a burden. (Though sometimes when meditating, the minutes can stretch into tortuous hours!)

Far be it from me to say how anyone should “spend” their time. Each one of us is different and only we can know what’s truly important in our own lives.  Yet we each receive 1440 minutes every day, 365 days in a year, and more than 18,000 days in the first half century of our lives.  So wouldn’t it be a pity to waste such opportunities by deliberately killing them?  If life is a gift, maybe it’s a good idea to ask ourselves from time to time how well we’re receiving it? (more…)

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