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Ever wondered what to tell yourself and especially every younger person you know about how to live a great life? Then watch this video of Steve Jobs (creator of Apple) addressing graduating students at Standford University in which he tells three stories about life, love and death. Quick quotes (but watch the 15 minute video if you have time): (more…)


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If life is your adventure, what exactly is adventure?

We may think we know what adventure is when we see it –kayaking off the Queen Charlotte Islands, a grand tour of Europe etc., but most of the time I suspect we’re mistaking manifestations of adventure for the true meaning of the word.  Or to use a Zen metaphor, we’re confusing a reflection of the moon on water for the real thing.


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How do we get out of the mental boxes we so often put ourselves in?

We all have ambitions and dreams of what we want to do or how we want our lives to be; but often we don’t take action because we’re too focused on what might go wrong.  Or else we’re afraid we’ll succeed – and where will that take us?  Yet almost always, it’s not what we did and failed to achieve that disappoints us, but what we dreamed of doing and failed to attempt that crushes our spirit. (more…)

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