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Ever wondered what to tell yourself and especially every younger person you know about how to live a great life? Then watch this video of Steve Jobs (creator of Apple) addressing graduating students at Standford University in which he tells three stories about life, love and death. Quick quotes (but watch the 15 minute video if you have time): (more…)


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“A View from the Ridge” by Morris West

If you don’t immediately recall the name Morris West from reading some of his 20 novels, it’s almost certain that you’ve seen the films made from “The Shoes of the Fisherman” or “The Devil’s Advocate”.
Morris West sold many millions of books.  His stories always had a spiritual dimension and were easy to read, engrossing and often thought provoking. (more…)

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Shackleton’s Way, Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer, Margot Morrell & Stephanie Capparell.

How can we become better leaders – even if our team consists only of one? This fascinating book and highly readable book explores the leadership and management style of famed Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, who brought 27 men home after two years marooned on the ice.

The book tells extraordinary Shackleton’s story and draws the lessons we can learn about hiring and creating camaraderie, leading in a crisis, forming teams for tough assignments, overcoming obstacles and leaving a legacy. “Shackleton was an average person; he taught himself to be an exceptional one,” write the authors. He led by example. He prepared for the worst and never let the impossibility of a situation defeat him. “Optimism is true moral courage,” said Shackleton.

Shackleton failed in all his major goals – his ship sank even before he reached Antarctica, yet his legacy is a supreme example of imagination, courage, humanity and hard work.  If you want to lead yourself to greatness (in business, family life or on expeditions) this books deserves serious study on how to do it.

Published by Penguin.  $15

Buy now: Shackleton's Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer

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We meet bullies everywhere today — in our schools, at work and at home, between nations, and, if we are really honest, often in our own hearts. Tactics can take many forms, from the school yard bully with a vicious tongue and physical strength, to complex trade agreements and national laws that inflict a bully’s desires on an unwilling person or nation. What is common to all bullies – and perhaps what defines “bullying” – is the threat or the use of force to frighten someone into doing something or giving up something without his or her voluntary agreement.

The teachings of the Buddha and of Buddhist teachers over the last 2500 years provide both a philosophical understanding and practical advice on how to meet the challenges of bullies in everyday life. (more…)

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We all have dreams – but how can we make them real for us?  Below are several tools, inspirations and practices that I’ve found especially useful on my own quests. A dream doesn’t have to be to go anywhere (that’s just been my personal bent).  I believe the techniques are common to everyone who wants to live a fulfilling life of the spirit, mind and body. (more…)

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