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Working for a living beside the Mekong river in Phnom Penh

Shame on me that I cannot tell you the name of the man in this photo.  We met in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia in South-East Asia.  I was walking along the boulevard beside the Mekong River when I saw him and approached.  I do not give money to beggars – thousands of children work the streets in Phnom Penh and keep little of the money they are given by tourists.  Yet, this man was not begging.  I noticed immediately that he was in business. (more…)


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How do we get out of the mental boxes we so often put ourselves in?

We all have ambitions and dreams of what we want to do or how we want our lives to be; but often we don’t take action because we’re too focused on what might go wrong.  Or else we’re afraid we’ll succeed – and where will that take us?  Yet almost always, it’s not what we did and failed to achieve that disappoints us, but what we dreamed of doing and failed to attempt that crushes our spirit. (more…)

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