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"Kuan Yin" at anchor in a bay on Lake simcoe, Ontario, Canada.

It’s what no sailor with a sailboat wants to do voluntarily —  taking down our masts to make a journey.  If we did. we wouldn’t have sailboats.

Yet after a spectacular journey this summer with both masts down, I can heartily recommend a transit through the Trent Severn Waterway – from Trenton, on Lake Ontario, up through the backwoods of a southern Ontario to Port Severn, on the south-eastern corner of Georgian Bay.  A distance of 386 kilometres (241 miles). (more…)


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In the 1940’s American-born Willard (Kitchener) MacDonald jumped his troop train heading to WWII. Fearing authorities he lived as a Hermit deep in the northern wilderness of Nova Scotia, Canada, for more than 60 years. This is the true story of The Hermit of Gully Lake, a man who lived a life that the rest of us could never endure. He was a soul in exile and yet you will discover that he touched the lives of so many, in ways that no one can really explain — Willard became a Legend.

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Another short documentary about this remarkable man.

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