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An amusing reminder of what we’re doing to the planet – and what can happen to your lungs: (more…)


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Here’s a brilliantly funny video of what happens when someone tries to speak out for peace in Central London. This is British humour at its best – ironic, witty, and without a trace of anger or bitterness. (more…)

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Humpback whale breaching in Hawaii

Here’s a truly amazing story about a humpback whale watching us that was published in the New York Times in July of last year. It’s only two paragraphs long and appeared at the bottom of a long article by Charles Siebert about whale-human interactions. But it may give you pause to think. (A pdf of the full article is attached to this post.) (more…)

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A police inspector was viciously attacked out in the countryside by a criminal gang who cut off both his legs with a machete.  As the man lay on the road, a convoy of vehicles with two government ministers and the Collector came down the road and stopped.  It took EIGHT minutes just for the Collector to phone for an ambulance – while the police inspector cried out for help.

The two government ministers in the convoy – the health minister and sports minister of Tamil Nadu – never got out their vehicles.  When no ambulance arrived after 20 minutes, the policeman was lifted into a vehicle but he died on the way to hospital.  Only then did the two government minsters deign to get out of their cars to take a look.

My sincere condolences to the policeman’s widow and children.

WARNING: This video is graphic and may upset some viewers.


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A short video of a tram journey through the noisey streets of Kolkata.  Tram routes are being cut back as private cars take up more and more room on the already crowded streets of this great city.  Enjoy the ride while you can!

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Revisiting the people I met 25 years ago during my walk along the Ganges (recounted in “A Walk Along The Ganges”) seemed like a great idea at the time.  India’s changing, everyone was telling me.  So I went, eager to reconnect with some of those who welcomed me so warmly to their country and their homes during my 7-month walk.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as intended. I did visit some of the people I’d met and that was absolutely fantastic.  But what I found in India repelled and depressed me. I went to one ashram on the banks of the Hooghly just north of Kolkata where I’d been very impressed by the sincerity of the people there living under the guidance of a holy man who hadn’t cut his hair in many years – it stretched nine feet across his room.  When I returned, the holy man had died and the new leader of the now almost empty ashram was watching football on satellite television. (more…)

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I was fortunate this year to be in Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, for the annual celebration of Loy Krathong, on the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar. This is usually in November. “Loi” is “to float” and “krathong” is a little raft traditionally made from a section of the trunk of a banana tree. (These days they are often made of styrofoam.) The krathong are decorated with flowers, candles, incense sticks and sometimes money. People then release them to float away on a river.  See the short video of a sky lantern going up, up and away. (more…)

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