An amusing reminder of what we’re doing to the planet – and what can happen to your lungs: Continue Reading »


If you’ve every dreamed of a quieter, simpler life – then this short story is for you.  Though it’s a favourite among cruising sailors (for obvious reasons when you read it), Martyr’s story is really about the yearning all of us feel from time to time to be FREE. Continue Reading »

Here we are in the middle of one of the major shopping periods – the January sales – in many parts of the world. So maybe it might be useful to count all our belongings.

What really belongs to us?  How much of our “stuff” is really ours. Continue Reading »

We can all celebrate the achievement of Geoff Holt who recently became the first quadriplegic person to sail across the Atlantic when he completed the 3000-mile voyage from Lanzarote in the Canary Islands to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.  It was there 25 years ago that Geoff suffered the accident while diving that left him paralyzed from the chest down.  He has limited use of his arms and hands. Continue Reading »

Here’s a brilliantly funny video of what happens when someone tries to speak out for peace in Central London. This is British humour at its best – ironic, witty, and without a trace of anger or bitterness. Continue Reading »

Humpback whale breaching in Hawaii

Here’s a truly amazing story about a humpback whale watching us that was published in the New York Times in July of last year. It’s only two paragraphs long and appeared at the bottom of a long article by Charles Siebert about whale-human interactions. But it may give you pause to think. (A pdf of the full article is attached to this post.) Continue Reading »

Ever wondered what to tell yourself and especially every younger person you know about how to live a great life? Then watch this video of Steve Jobs (creator of Apple) addressing graduating students at Standford University in which he tells three stories about life, love and death. Quick quotes (but watch the 15 minute video if you have time): Continue Reading »